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We are Steven and Stephanie - central Alberta’s husband and wife wedding photography team. For us, it all started with marriage. We got married in 2007 (I know what you’re thinking, we look WAY too young to be married that long ;)). With big hopes for the future and our friends and family by our sides, we believed (and still believe) that marriage is so much more than a wedding day. 

We know that marriage affects every aspect of our lives. Our overall happiness, friendships, parenting, finances - they are all affected by the health of our marriage and the strength of our connection. Strong, happy marriages really do make the world a better place! 

That’s why we do what we do. We take photos that truly capture who you are as a couple within their frames. Trust us, we have been doing this marriage thing a little while now and time moves WAY.TOO.FREAKING.FAST. We get to stop time (yep, almost like magic)! We capture who you are in THIS moment - making the moment last forever and creating a legacy. We want you to be able to look at your heirloom album or the photos on your mantle and feel JOY in the good times, but even more so, to feel STRENGTH in the tough ones. After all, everything you’ve built started with one thing - your love. 

One of OUR marriage goals is to help strengthen other marriages and relationships through photography. You can count making friends, having lots of laughs and drinking #allthecoffee as a few of our other goals!


- Steven + Steph

Central Alberta Wedding Photographers

We had Steph and Steve shoot our wedding over two years ago. And we are absolutely so in love with our photos. I couldn’t choose which ones to print because there were just too many. They really put a lot into their weddings and the couples they work with. I mean what other photographers put on a BBQ and host their past clients to pour into their lives. You guys are so much more than our wedding photographers. 💕 thanks so much!!!!


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Yes, we know it’s cliche, but we really enjoy a great cup of coffee. And even a not-so-great cup of coffee - coffee just being coffee is good enough for us on most get-er-done days.


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we love

It may be a real problem, but we need to go to Disneyland at least once a year to feel the magic. Fun fact: we went here on our Honeymoon <3 

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Our happy place

we love

Our family is LIFE and and the #1 reason we are so passionate about marriage and leaving a legacy. Also, we think our kids are pretty cute. They may or may not be a big reason for #allthecoffee...

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we love

Things that make this even better include but are not limited to:  Coffee (yes, again), The Office, Salt and Vinegar chips, and warm snuggles with the space heater…errrr, whoops… each other. We meant each other. 

Lounging in our sweats

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we love

We love to travel and nothing is better than grabbing a coffee (whoops, did it again), hitting the road, and firing up one of our favourite podcasts.

Long Drives & PODCASTS

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we love

We LOVE our couples and the friendships we get to build before spending the best day of their lives with them. We also love learning how to serve them better every day. 


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That's what she said

Here is the deal with Steph.

She is a very special person. The kind that you don't come across too often. And I can confidently say this as the number 1 most educated person on the subject, because we are hitting the age where we have been with each other longer than we have lived without each other

Don't let her beauty fool you, she is strong, opinionated, gritty, persistent, and yet equal parts fun, funny, creative, and sweet.

I think the whole "soul-mate" idea is a farce, because if one person marries the wrong person, it throws the whole world off its equilibrium. However, if there were, she would be mine.

I don't know what I did, or how I did it, or what grace God has afforded me, to end up with this wonderfully created masterpiece of a human, but all I gotta say is.... "Jack-pot" and "Praise the Lord" because on my own, I could have never chosen a more perfect person for me.

Let's play two truths and a lie, Steven Edition. I'll put the answer at the bottom. No peeking! 

1. He loves to teach as much as he likes to learn
2. He would never leave the house in mismatched socks
3. He does 90% of the cooking in our house 

Steven is a very passionate person who cares deeply about a few things. Those are his beard, being funny, people thinking he's funny, and being told he is, in fact, super funny. But it's not a "in your face" type of funny, it's the thought out, witty (and sometimes dry) kind that causes some people to say he's the funniest person they have ever met. His favourite things are The Office, The Cheesecake Factory, Star Wars, and the Calgary Flames. 

In all seriousness though, Steven's main goal in life is to take care of me and our kids. He is a great dad.  # 3 is fully true, as well as always filling my water, making sure I am well caffeinated, and late night snack runs if I ever have a NEED for chips. He is also an amazing teacher, and many people would attest to that. He does, however, occasionally leave in mismatched socks. We all have our faults and that's the only one of his I can think of. ;)



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